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the Hellfire Crew

Our crew is made up of four intrepid individuals who love spirits and the paranormal! With a ton of experience under our belt there is nothing we wont investigate! Having said that lets introduce you to the crew...


 Lead Investigator: Raven comes to us with thirty years as a professional medium and over twelve as a professional ghost investigator.. She has been all over the east coast investigating many haunted places. Professionally she has cleared hundreds of homes and business and helped the people associated with them. She is an author, has had magazine articles written about her and been on local tv. She is eager to get started on this new adventure!


 Technical Advisor: Rayna brings the team a fresh look at ghost investigation. She is oneof the youngest on the team but does not                        lack experience. With over ten years under her belt as a professional medium and six years documenting events with video,  camera and recording  she brings bothconcrete and spiritual aspects to this work and we look forward to seeing what she achieves!


 Locations Specialist: Brandy is our Locations Specialist and from the day she came on board she dove right into it! Although she is new to the field she is not new to the paranormal and spirits having numerous encounters of the ghostly kind! We can't wait to see what creepy locations she comes up with!



  Technician: Tom is our other tech. He can only be with us part time but we love having him with us when he can be. He is an eager  and enthusiastic  member of the crew!