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Impromtu Investigation

For the privacy of the family we are not divulging the location.



Two of the Hellfire Crew went on an impromptu investigation. One medium, one investigator. What

happened there was intense because of the information. But first, the history...

***Please note we are changing the names to protect the family.  They are unaware of the investigation and we do not want to bring them any undo pain.


The Background

Chris B and Nancy R were coaxed to the area by a fake drug deal. It was a set-up. They were both gunned down while trying to get away. Nancy was shot multiple times in the face with a BB gun and Chris, while running away, was shot with a 12 guage shot gun in the lower back. Both died on site. Having said that, during our investigation we found that their spirits were not there or not talking and what was left was mostly residual.


When we first got there Raven felt like her head had been repeatedly hit or smashed into the ground (Brandy, who knows the story, confirmed that  the male hit pavement on the side of his face) and kept picking up on a man. with a J name. (Brandy confirmed this was the middle name of one of the victims) She went on to say that she felt the power of a shot in the head ( which wasn't either of these two victims) that one of them kept yelling "Get the f*** away from me!" she did not pick up  anything on the female.  She did however pick up on another spirit who came from a quarter mile from where we were. He was an incredibly angry spirit and wanted us to leave. which Raven was good with as they hadn't planned on doing this anyway. After they left, Raven gave Brandy the option of going back and they did. After a few minutes of sitting in the car talking,  Raven was attacked, being grabbed by the back of the neck. He let go after a few minutes.  Although she felt his presence hovering, and could hear him saying foul things, he didn't bother us physically and we continued on. We tried to conduct the investigation. Brandys video kept going in and out of focus and Ravens recorder had severe interference. It was not uniform and could not be contributed to any machinery in the are or high EMF.   It was really a strange encounter. What Raven got psychically was that this man was murdered farther down the road and was shot in the head. a very angry man in life and also after. He did follow us in the car where Raven had to finally clear him. We will be researching this. Below are some EVPS we got there.  

 EVP Evidence

The listing of evps is as follows: 1. Female Voice  2. Good Boy  3.Weird breath  4. Yes  5. No

We were unable to get pictoral evidence and there was nothing for video evidence.