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Gilson Cemetery

On this investigation we travelled to Nashua, NH to check into Gilson Cemetery, reportedly one of the most haunted cemeteries in New Hampshire.
 There are many stories and legends that revolve around this paranormal hotspot. But the truth behind the cemetery's creation is hard to find.
What does come to light is intense battles between Indigenous people way before the cemetery was even constructed.It's strongly
believed that part of the paranormal activity here is due to the land being claimed by whites and blessed. It is thought this angered
the indigenous spirits and that it is their ghosts that wander and haunt the area.

Another part of the haunting lore is that of an medicine man who went mad and was banished on the site. He would lure braves with
promises of aiding them with spirits who would follow them into battle but instead slaughtered them as sacrifice to dark spirits.
Supposedly it he who haunts the are having died here.

There is little documentation on the actual beginnings of the small cemetery but it said that it started as a place to leave bodies
unceremoniously and after some time was turned into an actual cemetery.

Supposedly the cemetery is incredibly haunted, we have a different view...
Our experiences
We arrived at dusk at little cemetery. There is no place to pull in as it sits nestled on the side of the road surrounded by a small rock wall that closes using an iron gate. You feel abit weighted walking into the cemetery and as you enter you can here the chanting of a nearby church can be heard on the breeze. Now if this wasn't a church, that would be really noteworth, but alas it was. Walking around the Gilson there is vandalism that sickens the heart.

(***It should be noted that cemeteries should be a place of respect. If you see someone vandalizing the property, especially the headstones,
please report it right away to your local authorities)

From the start there was no K2, no EVP, although two pictures which we posted below show a mist anomaly. Our medium
didnt pick up on any spirits in the area and nothing was felt by the rest of our crew. Although this may be one of the most haunted
cemeteries it was obvious to us they did not want to talk tonight. We will go back to make sure of our findings but we must
say we were very dissappointed.

Raven took these pictures. The first was taken directly in front of her the second looking down slightly. There was

no one smoking and and no visible humidity. The temperature was in the low 60's and humidity was low. There was

no rain or anything that would have caused this and flash was not used on the camera.