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A Haunting In Concord

For the privacy of the owner and their family we will not show the outside of their home or faces



We got called in because three of their children were being affected by an angry spirit who caused night terrors for one of the children and a bad situation for all in the house.

Reports of noises, voices, heavy duty anger and other issues plagued the family since just after moving in.

Earlier in the day it should be noted that both Raven and Rayna were being affected by this spirit. Bad dreams, unusual anger, electronics not working.

Both realized that this was spirit interference. this bad boy did not want them going to the house. The family also was being affect the one of the children,

who is three said that "The man is mad!!" to his mother in the morning. Being intrepid ghost investigators the crew was eager to get there!

Upon arriving we found a modest home  nestled in a heavily wooded area. Nothing from the outside gave a clue as to what was happening inside.

What they did find out after was that there was another facility on the property before the house and this may have been causing some of the issue.


On walk through both Raven and Rayna, our two mediums picked up on significant names as well occurances in different parts of the house that were confirmed by both spirits

and the owners. The two mediums connected with six spirits in the house. Two female, one unknown name, one Janet and four male. One Steven, John, Ron

and one identified as "Devil" during an SB7 interaction. Of the two females, one was family the other a spirit of place in need of help. Of the four men,

three were spirits of place and one was called in through a Ouija Board and followed the person to this house where he started in on the family. 

***Note:Unless you know for sure how to use a Ouija Board, DON'T DO IT! It is NOT a toy! It is a portal and you can attract anything and everything through it. Please be safe.

As we said this investigation was intense. The spirit John aka "Devil"  was holding th other five hostage and feeding off their energy making it impossible for them to leave. At the same time as affecting the family. So, out of the six spirits, one was forcefully ejected, John. A successful clearing was done by Rayna and Brandy.  Steven, one of the spirits asked if he could go home now and the others have stated they would not show themselves to the children in any way and are residing peacefully at the home.

This was an eventful investigation with quite abit of SB7*, K2* and EVP* evidence.  There was no photographic evidence during this case.

Below are our EVPS. You may hear a SB7 going but these were not coming from that

 EVP Evidence

The listing of evps is as follows: 1. Hello   2. I Need Help Please  3.It's better  4. Moan and save us

5. See Them, See Me.  6. Sh*t   7. Moan  8. Sick Weirdo   9. That's The Bad Room   10. Sure  11. Your Daughter 12.Get Rich, HaHa, Im Gonna Get Rich 14.Hmph



Below are a couple of EVPs we couldn't make out. Maybe you can.



1.???   2.???  3.????
If you think you know what any of these are saying shoot us an email at Hellfire Paranormal


Below is our SB7 evidence.

 EVP Evidence

The listing of evps is as follows: 1. You Speak It   2.Shadow, Easy - This was the answer when asked why He is bothering the children  3. Enter - Right after the spirit says that Rayna comes under spiritual attack. She was cleared successfully  4. It Was Me- Was in direct connection to a comment about the K2 5. Its Better

6. Men - When talking about the family returning to the house  7. Move Out   8. Questions 9. Raven  10. Riveted 11. Devil 




*SB7-Spirit Box Version 7- It's a tool used to hear spirits speak in their own voice in real time

K2 - This tool measures electromagnetic energy. It enables spirits to give answers non-verbally utilizing electromagnetic fields to light up lights on the device

EVP- Electronic Voice Phenomena. This is when you use   a voice recorder or camera and pick up voices that you dont hear with your physical ear





     Center>   We did have a lot of fun with the K2. The videos are short, but give you a taste of what we experienced. The first is to show most of what our night was like with the K2 and then when the magic happened! :)


The two following videos are snippets from our investigation. The first showing no activity with the K2 and the second showing a spirit having a good time with it.

This is what happens when the the spirits have fun with the K2