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Meadow Cemetery

Meadow Cemetery


The Meadow Cemetery is located in Concord and is part of the New Hampshire State Hospital. Not that you can tell from the look of it. It is an
unassuming area set far back from the road and a little stone the only thing giving away its location.
As you move further back there is a large white cross marking the start of the gravesites. There are three sections. Some
stones are raised and some are embedded into the dirt and grass. If you have a hard time walking be prepared as it is a pretty good way from the road and virtually unnoticable until you enter the gate. There is a large
tree in the center that is quite old and beautiful and one stone bench set off to the side. Clearly not a place that often had visitors and from what the mediums related some
of the spirits were happy to see people there.


There were four of us there last night and while we started out as we usually do with our mediums doing their walk around and
Alvin taking pictures, we were also getting chewed up by mosqitos which, put a fun spin on the evening. As we said the mediums were on their respective walkthroughs
and they all picked up on a common highly negative spirit and all three got different ones like a young girl who was
standing by the big tree, a man named Albert who was constantly around Syndi and a disabled boy who had died there because he had gone catatonic.
We will be researching the information that was obtained and will update. The common entity was a "man" named Lyle. He was a high negative with a disfigured face and
personality to match. He was a child rapist in life and instead of being buried was thrown over into a ditch by three men. He also took quite a liking to Rayna who, for whatever
reason wore her hair in pigtails and looked like she was sixteen. The other mediums upon connecting to him felt his abrasiveness and negativity.
After the walkthroughs they decided to try and do some experiments. The experiments there did not
show results and after a short time they were driven out by the bugs. On the way out, near the gate,
Raven stopped and had to erect a barrier as they were being followed out. In the car however it was clear that Rayna was being affected. Once she realized this,
the spirit was dealt with.
Below are the evps we got from this case including "Lyle" who was saying
Rayna's name as well as pictures which also includes
the spirit we believe to be "Lyle" watching Syndi with his tongue out.
Needless to say we will be going back!!



The listing of evps is as follows: 1. First   2. Lost  3.Raven  4. Switch

5. Wait  6. Weird




 Our Pictures

The pictures we got are here and we hope you enjoy. The one of "Lyle" is in three parts. The
original, one with an insert and one of the face alone so you can better see his face. It is not easy to see
which usually we would not post it, however this entity is between two tree limbs and he's
sticking his tongue out which was enough for us to say ok.