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Concord State Hospital

Bancroft ~ Female Side of the Asylum


The New Hampshire State Hospital was established in 1842, the seventeenth such hospital in the United States and the seventh in New England. Planning for the Hospital began in 1830 as the condition of the insane began to awaken a deep interest in the hearts of philanthropic persons in the State. At the time, the insane existed in deplorable conditions ranging from confinement in chambers lacking heat to imprisonment in county jails. Others remained homeless wanderers. After numerous studies and discussions, the Legislature chartered the New Hampshire Asylum for the insane in 1838. (The name was changed to the New Hampshire State Hospital in 1901).

The above is an exerpt from Their website at History of NNH. What we found was an incredibly haunted historical site that we will definitely be going back to.  In our time there we came across a man who was masking as a maintanence worker named Stuart Wensle. He actually was an escapee named John MGrath.  We know this because our mediums, Raven and Syndi, identified him based on picture and body type. Syndi connected with a little girl who said her mother worked there and was a Secretary named Sue. You can hear this child in an EVP saying Candy. Another worker named Martha,  and boy that Raven helped connect with his mother so he could go home, and a few other not so nice entities. The evidence we gathered is  presented here. We did not gather alot of photographic evidence but we did get some great EVPs as you can hear below. We hope you enjoy what bring to table for your consideration...



The listing of evps is as follows: 1. Hello   2. Alysia  3.Candy  4.A Funny Sounding Oooh  5.Help Me, Help Me and A Male Saying Oh No

6. Hey  7. Hello   8.Phone  9. Sofa   10. Weird breath   11. What   12. Whimper




        We started out at the back end of the hospital, there were five of us: Raven, Syndi, Junior, Alvin and Krisitin.  The first place we walked into was a small yard meant for playing. As this wasn't a formal investigation in the sense of doing walkthroughs our mediums were allowed to just say what they recieved. Oddly enough they spent more time connecting with their own spirits than working together. Raven at the yard kept seeing people filing out a door and into the yard bur remarked about the energy there. Syndi kept remarking she was drawn to a chair there where we found out Junior had at an earlier time gotten an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) telling her to sit. From there we circled around eventually walking the whole perimeter of the massive network of buildings. The following is what we found. But first a few pics of where we were...



In this  picture you will see in the bottom window a very old school nurse standing. Look in the bottom right window.  it was a very cool catch!


In this  picture  you will see a very obvious face in the second pane of glass at the top from the left.  As well as other weird light where there was none.