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 Our investigations are incredibly important to us and they are second only to our clients. We are steadfastly focused on our experiences being real, raw and no bs! There will be no faking of evidence, There will be no strings, plants, etc just so we can get evidence. What there will be is plenty of time, sweat and scares that we will represent to you just as the happened. Our motto is: Real Evidence! No BS!! and we mean it!  We are slowly re-accumulating equipment so bear with us in that. But for right now,  we have the basics and that can provide plenty of freaky evidence. So for the first few investigations we will be equipped  with cameras, recorders and video. Good for now till we can get ther rest. Can't wait!

We also as mentioned in other articles that we are there to help not only the family, but the spirits as well. This wont always be possible but we will do our best to have a great outcome for all those involved. Spirits are often mistaken as "demonic" or "negative" when in fact they are just looking for help. That is something we are uniquely able to provide. As eager as we are to start investigating it is important to note that this is not our primary goal. Our main goal is to help those afflicted by paranormal attacks, or seeming attacks. Dealing with negative spirits is something we have alot of experience with and will have no problem handling. We have no fear of any location or history. Dealing with negative spirits is an integral part of what we do. On the other hand, helping the spirits, those who are distressed,  to connect with loved ones on the otherside or move past their issues that keep them here is also a primary goal. This is why we incorporate mediums, not just one medium. Not only for repeatable evidence, but to help the spirits involved. This is a critical part of ghost investigating. To leave a spirit, or client in pain and anguish, to us, is criminal and it will not happen!

We are so looking forward to posting our evidence and getting your feedback. This is an exciting time for us as a team and as individuals. We hope with all our hearts that enjoy the journey with us. Let us know when investigations are good and where we can improve. We will also be posting some evidence on our FB page so check us out there too and like us. Just click the link on the side :)

See you on the other side!

                             ~The Hellfire Crew