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A Haunting In Manchester NH


A Haunting In Manchester

At the owners request no pictures were taken of the outside of the building


The house in Manchester was an apartment in a six family house on the west side. There were rumors of things kitchen cabinets
opening and things being moved. So we wer eager to get in there and investigate. The family asked that we not show anything
 that could identify them which made ourjob that much harder. What we were able to get were some evps (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
and voices on the SB7 (Spirit box 7). These are listed below but we must say that there were no cold spots, creepy feelings, no reaction with the K2,
which measures eltromagnetic fields. There was no phenomena with the grid and we felt nothing. So place is definitely not haunted.
But please check out the audio below which comes from both EVP and SB7. These are most likely residual.


The listing of evps is as follows: 1. Michael, Who's He  2. Help Me  3. Guttoral Sound  4. It's hard  5. Make 'Em 6. A Soft Female Voice