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Welcome to the other side

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   Hellfire Paranormal investigation and Research

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We know it's a line from a really cool song but it's also a path we walk daily. We are Hellfire Paranormal Research Society and we are in the business of taking care of people who have issues of a ghostly nature. Is it fun, yeah. Is it scary, hell yeah! But the most important thing is we provide a much needed service to our clients. Not only do we gather evidence, but we also truly help both the living and spirits. This makes for not only a really good experience but also gives you a peek into what we do and the many things that can happen. Both awesome and not so great. Our team comes with alot of experience and from all walks of life. Keep in mind as a team we are new so be patient, the evidence and stories will be coming.


What can you expect on our page, well first we'd like to delve into what we do for our clients. First and formost, there is no charge for what we do.  When we come to see you we are discreet and professional. How long we stay depends on how much evidence we get and how long it takes to clear, if that's needed.  We always consult with you prior to doing anything, and we always share  our evidence with you. On our site we do not give out your information unless you say it's okay, but we do show evidence and talk about our experiences.

Oooh experiences and evidence :) Of course! What kind of ghost research group would we be without those two components? Our society is special as you will see in the way we investigate. we come with two different modes of thinking when it comes to spirit. One from the spiritual side and the other from the scientific side.  These combine to give a whole picture to the experience and gives some really great evidence. So again, check back often because our investigations kick up very soon.


As for our team they have, combined, over sixty years of experience. We have currently four researchers, two have been involved with the paranormal for a very long time and two are fairly new and eager to get started!  As a team we are a cohesive group of both spiritually and scientifically minded people. We know this sounds like an oxymoron, but it really is not. The mind can turn off one aspect in favor of the other and this we do everyday. We live it and we love it and are chomping at the bit to get started and give you the best evidence out there. Real Evidence! No BS!

So we look forward to having you with us to cheer us on or give us hell lol either way it should be a hell of a ride! See you on the other side!

                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~The Hellfire Crew